About GRE : Each year, about 675,000 prospective graduate and business school applicants from 230 countries/regions take the GRE test. GRE General Test now it is called as The Revised GRE General Test and the largest revision in the history of GRE. Applicants come from varying educational and cultural backgrounds and the GRE revised General Test provides the only common measure for comparing candidate's qualifications.

The GRE® revised General Test is available at about 700 test centers in more than 160 countries. It is offered as a computer-based test year round at most locations around the world and as a paper-based test up to three times a year in areas where computer-based testing is not available.

The Revised GRE General test has friendly design and new questions, the revised test more closely reflects the kind of thinking student will do in graduate or business school and demonstrates that he is ready for graduate-level work.

The GRE revised General Test is accepted at thousands of graduate and business schools as well as departments and divisions. Most of the Universities/Institutes are using GRE® scores as part of their MBA program admissions process.

In the Verbal Section Antonyms and Analogies are not in the Revised GRE. Text Completion and Sentence Equivalence questions have been added to the new test and Reading Comprehension questions kept from the existing GRE.

In the Quantitative section Multiple Answer and Numeric Entry, have been added (Two new question types). The multiple-choice questions for Problem Solving and Data Analysis remain.

Both the Verbal and Quantitative sections of the revised GRE will have a score The test scores are valid for five years, i.e., most universities accept scores up to five years old. But it is always better if your scores are recent (not older than 2 years).


ABROAD EDUCATION in INDIA for the sole reason that the Management and staff at S6 strive to fulfill the purpose of a visit of a student. S6 has successfully understood the specific requirements of a regional student who has higher dreams but has a deficient background. In its classrooms, S6 has implemented such programs that can supplement, complement, and/or compensate for the lack and/or deficiency in a subject area. S6 has always depended on work exercises for classes and proficient

The S6 GMAT PRO is a program of higher ends, meant for professionals who would like to have a fast, but complete brush with the ways of the test. This training program consists of especially nuances that usually block the prospects of a good score. This program can aid candidates who think they have the basic layers and are in need of only a coating of top finishing layer in their preparation for the test.

Details of Training
S6's GMAT PRO course, offers 60 hours of training emphasizing on the essential testing areas in VERBAL, and QUANTITATIVE. It concentrates on the rules of SENTENCE CORRECTION, application of logic in CRITICAL REASONING, strategy in READING. It lays strong foundation in critical testing areas such as DATA SUFFICIENCY in Quantitative aptitude. It offers a variety of sample questions in INTEGRATED REASONING. All the four types of questions in the NEW INTEGRATED REASONING are given concrete idea with explanation. This PRO material contains questions mostly of medium and hard levels. The training is reinforced by a series of tests on independent sections and is completed with full-length tests. This course is supplemented by a book of practice questions with explanations.

S6's PRO is managed by a team of professional trainers of years of training expertise involved in providing feasible solutions to the problems of the aspirants. They are equipped with answers to various situations that could arise in the preparation for the GMAT exam.


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